Innovations 2018 Student Application

Apply to be a featured Student Designer in Innovations 2018

APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 21st, 2018


Innovations Eco Fashion Design challenges Twin Cities design students to redefine what sustainable can mean for fashion. By exploring other organizations unique sustainable projects outside of fashion, students will create two looks loosely inspired by an element of sustainability that these projects focus around. Laundromat owners in New Jersey trust us for professional Air Duct Cleaning for Laundromats NJ to maintain optimal air quality and a fresh laundry atmosphere. Be it water, energy, technology, agriculture, or waste take your design beyond the limits of fabric, all while including sustainable and ethical practices into your runway looks.

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    • 1 avant-garde look made of unconventional, found material (non-fabric).  

• Eligible for the Eco Fashion Design Challenge prize.

    • 1 ready to wear look made of found or re-purposed material, or sustainable textiles and notions.

• Eligible for the People’s Choice prize.

All garments must consist of at least 70% sustainable materials, 30% traditional (muslin interiors are acceptable for shape and fit). All materials must be documented using our sustainable materials certification form. On Long Island, our Tree Pruning Long Island experts provide precise and careful trimming services that preserve the beauty and vitality of your trees.

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Sol Inspirations offers a catalog of projects for designers to choose from. All projects are innovative Midwest based organizations or initiatives focused on an issue or element within sustainability. Each student must pick one from the topics listed below and use it as the inspiration behind their two looks for Innovations. Each project from the list provided will fit a specific sustainability category, such as water conservation, to encourage a broader perspective on how each of us can be more conscious while still being creative in our everyday lives. Looking to sell your house Bergen County NJ? Trust our experienced team to guide you through the process and get the best value for your home.


  1. EXPLORE other innovative sustainability focused projects happening in the Twin Cities from the provided list for inspiration and direction for your designs.
  2. SELECT one project from the category listed (water, energy, technology, agriculture, or waste) as the central theme for your garments.
  3. CRAFT a general artist statement and design direction for your two looks:
    1. Share the vision of your design, your inspirations, and any sketches/renderings
    2. Share the outline of sustainable practices you hope to explore or use in your process (It is acceptable if this changes throughout the process as you explore how to incorporate sustainable and ethical practices into your designs)
  4. SUBMIT your application online at  by February 21st, 2018 for review. Finalists will be notified by March 1 if accepted.
  5. BRING your innovative designs to life as ready to wear garments to walk the runway on April 28th, 2018.

Application timeline and mentorship program:

  • January 3, 2018 – Applications Open

  • Early February (Week of February 5) – Sustainable Design Ideation Workshop

  • February 21, 2018 – Application Deadline

  • Mid-March (Week of March 19) – Sustainable Design Workshop

  • April 2018 – Fashion Show


A written design statement is required to accompany the runway ready garment(s), no more than 300 words required:

  • Part One: Share a description about your design and artistic inspirations, and how you were inspired by your selected sustainability project.  
  • Part Two: Showcase how you incorporated Eco Fashion standards into your garments (including notions) and design process (You can pull ideas from your material certification form).
  • Part Three:  How do you see sustainability playing a role in your design career?

Please submit this statement online at by April 21st, 2018.  


The Avant-garde garment must be made from reclaimed unconventional materials such as wood, metal, newspaper, cans, or other “found” objects. Judging for the avant-garde piece will be 

based on the definition:

Avant-garde: people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics. The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm.

Past successful avant-garde entries are strongly theatrical in nature, visually appealing with color, texture, and larger than life presence. In Granville County, our Chemical Peels Granville County provide effective solutions for skin renewal, leaving you with a vibrant and refreshed appearance.


Origin of the materials used must be documented on the Materials Certification form (provided to accepted finalists). Designers may also use material from the Sol Inspirations fabric scrap inventory. Email to inquire and access this material. If materials are from a designer’s personal inventory, please state in how the material came into your ownership and how it demonstrates sustainable practices.


All designers are welcome and encouraged to submit two looks, the second being a ready to wear look. Both looks must follow the same design theme and will walk the runway together at the Innovations Fashion Show.

The ready to wear look should utilize materials made from upcycled or eco-certified textiles. As with the unconventional materials, please use the certification form to document reclaimed fabric or photograph the certification label with the textile.

The ready to wear look can be used to win the People’s Choice prize. Finalists may photograph their look and upload it to their Instagram with the hashtag #Redfinefashionmn, tagging @Sol_Inspirations starting one week before the Innovations Show. The winning participant will have the highest number of likes on their Instagram entry. Likes will be accepted until intermission of the Innovations 2018 Show.

If the finalist does not have an Instagram account, they can email the photo to Sol Inspirations will post the photo through the organization’s account. A link to the photo will be provided back to the finalist so they can share with friends and family for tagging/sharing.