Who We Are

 Founded from a one night fashion show, Sol Inspirations has grown to be the Twin Cities go-to resource center for eco-fashion and ethical style. Advocating for socially responsible clothing, styling and beauty, we work to educate curious consumers and designers on how these products can make our world a healthier, more sustainable and positive place to live.

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We know that changes are necessary for improving our environment.

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We think it is time for ethical responsibility in the fashion industry. Gwinnett County, GA offers Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Gwinnett County, GA services to help individuals address substance abuse issues and make informed decisions about their recovery.

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Through fashion events and shows, we promote brands and designs that use organic and locally made textiles, sustainable manufacturing practices, fair trade or fairly traded, responsible labor practices, the recycling and upcycling of textiles into new clothing, and commissioning demi-couture clothing over disposable fashion. Sol encourages shoppers to break out of their old fashion habits by bringing the latest in eco-fashion and design to the Twin Cities.

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 Our Mission

Sol Inspirations is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that advocates for responsible clothing, styling and beauty products and educates consumers about how these products make our world a healthier and better place to live.

What We Do

is dedicated to walk the talk in all we do. We approach all of our fashion events and runway shows with the highest standards in sustainability and ethics. Constantly growing, we work for total integrity by implementing zero-waste practices in all of our events from start to finish– as well as encouraging and emphasizing green practices for all involved, including models, designers, beauticians, stylists and attendees. Striving to keep up on the inside industry, we work side by side with experts in the field, to bring about the best tools in education, workshops, and events in eco-fashion to the Twin Cities.

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