Board of Directors Application

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boardBoard of Directors – Secretary

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  • Applicant must be detail oriented, reliable and able to execute job duties on a consistent basis
  • Two year board commitment
  • Volunteer time commitment of 10 hours a week plus events
  • Record meeting minutes
  • Manage organizational records
  • Distribute meeting agenda
  • Reserve Board Room
  • Participate as a volunteer at events

Purpose of the board: To serve the Board as a voting member, to assist in the development of and approve policies, procedures, and regulations to govern the operations of Sol Inspirations, and to monitor the finances, programs and performance of the organization. Board members are chosen because of their commitment and long-term vision.

Board Member Duties & Responsibilities

Prepare for each Board of Directors meeting by reading material distributed prior to the meeting, and gathering whatever information may be required or requested.

Attend all Board Meetings and participate in the proceedings. If a Board member is absent from three or more consecutive Board Meetings, or one-half of the meetings in a twelve-month period — except in extraordinary cases — then he or she has officially resigned, and the Board may proceed to filling their position.

Attend and take an active role in the promotion, funding, planning, and presentation of Sol Inspirations events and activities

Maintain knowledge of current programs.

Establish and monitor policies.

Monitor finances, and bear responsibility for the fiscal condition of the organization.

Be a current paid member of the organization

Assist in fundraising by soliciting the financial support of others and by sharing resources and talents with the organization, including contacts for support.

Serve as an advocate of the organization to the public and constituent groups.

Act in loyalty to the organization, its vision and mission.

Board Meetings

Board Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at the Wilder Foundation in St. Paul.